An Open Letter to Barack Obama

December 3, 2008

Dear Mr. President,

You have asked the people of this nation what they want to see out of this nation, and out of your administration.  Here is my submission, and I encourage anyone who comes across this site to write to Obama as well.

I would like to see this country, over the next 8 years, fully rectify the numerous constitutional and legal crises brought upon us by decades of abuse by the congress and the executive branch.  I would like to see this nation punish those who have tortured in her name, those who took us into unending and expensive wars, and who broke our laws.

Mr. Obama – I do not want “CHANGE” from the present if that change is only in the names and faces, but not the substance.  We elected you to set this country back on a course of international neutrality; a course we left generations ago.  If this nation continues to try and impose her will upon the world, we set the stage for another world war – one with us as the aggressor and the enemy of freedom.

End the spying, end the torture, end the lying.  You and every member of our government swore to protect the constitution of this nation, and that constitution puts a very specific set of limits on your power.  You know this – you are a constitutional law scholar.  Don’t forget your principles, and trust no one with a vested interest.  John F Kennedy had high hopes, and those around him fought tooth and nail to keep the status quo.

Best of luck, Mr. President, and never let yourself be isolated from the minds of the American public.  You serve them now.
Nothing will come of it, but I like to pretend my input counts.


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