This Blog is NOT a Secret

May 6, 2009

Unfortunately, some of the content of it is. Because certain people within the US government have shown a disproportionate interest in the writings and goings-on of one citizen k, professional asshole and troublemaker, I’ve had to rope off the posts from the general public.

That said, access is easy – all you need to do is shoot me an email at citizenk dot blog at gmail dot com (or tweet me at citizen_k) and ask nicely, and I’ll send you back an email with the details whenever I’m next able to get online. Seeing as I’m currently living in the middle of Honduras, that might be a few days, but I like to think the stories are worth the wait.



EDIT: Fuck it – I’ve taken all the passwords off – nobody will care I think, and if they do, well, hard luck.  This reflects far worse on me then anyone  else, to be honest.  Enjoy!


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