May 17, 2009

I have a problem with paying attention, especially in academic situations if the topic bores me.  When I get bored I either draw or write, and in this instance I wrote.  Not sure what inspired this, but I’ve been nostalgic for punk shows lately…

Perfection is only achieved on the point of collapse.

Punk shows

fighting in the pit

you run and you sing and you scream and you hit

slipping on beer, sweat, falling over other bodies

a knee to the temple, I see stars

you fall over me, we both hit the concrete floor

my nose starts to bleed, I can taste it

another guy, mohawk, no shirt

grabs you off me, pulls me up from the ground

wraps his arms around us both, and off we go

another circle, faster

knocking down other dancers

the sheer joy of it!

Pain and pleasure both blur together

I can’t stop laughing as the blood flows down my face

the joy is so much I hit a young kid in the head

he falls down so I grab him

and together we run



faster and harder

the song speeds up

the singer screams and spits

his loogie flies up and back, hits the guitarist

some kid jumps on the stage, and rocks the fuck out

jumps off before security can grab him

surfs across the crowd

I see someone steal his shoe and throw it at the band

the pit swirls grows larger harder faster

bodies and sweat and raw manic energy

this is the finale, this is the last song

we throw ourselves forward, spinning out of control

I’ve never felt such hate, such love

there isn’t anything except the moment

it’s perfect – right until collapse

The collapse.

We collapse.

It all falls down

the music stops

the feelings slip away

we can’t hold onto it

we can’t keep it going.

The feeling dies, the world turns back to shit

We slip out the back door and get drunk

but it never brings back the perfection of chaos.


2 Responses to “Perfection”

  1. anonimust Says:

    One of my favorite shows was Anti-Flag…

  2. Slave Revolt Says:

    God, I wish he would have robbed you early on–just to save us from reading this gringo, naive, politically-rightwing bull shit.

    By the way, how’s that rightwing coup in Honduras going for you guys. I swear, you claim to ‘help the people’–how condescending and dishonest.

    From pedophiles, to naive do-gooders, to missionaries–all of you are brain-washed supporters of corporate tyranny and the capitalist rape and pillage of the planet.

    The only thing you have going for you is the porn and stupid television shows that you use to mark the stages of your meaningless lives.

    I swear, you Americans are a blight on the world.

    And you label people as ‘pushers’, given your history of stealing land, slaughter, etc.

    You’d sell your own sisters and mothers into prostitution for a quick buck and a stint on a lame reality tv show.

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