An Ill-Advised Letter to Barack

November 26, 2009

Dear Barack Obama,


I’m touched to receive your Thanksgiving mass spam email today, a thousand miles from home and a lifetime away from all the people I know and love. I miss them all terribly, and empty, thoughtless little gestures like a 2 million person email really make the difference on hard days like today. Nonetheless, I do have a few problems with the message you sent me, which I’d like to expand up here.

My problem, if I may put it succinctly is that you are a snake – your tongue slithers in and out, you say all the right things, but you don’t act to back them up. You ask Americans to sacrifice while you rob us of our futures, steal our social security, undercut our medical and health care, and waste our precious resources on pointless warfare. You are a liar, Barack, and you betray the American people with your silver tongue.

If you really cared about average Americans and their sacrifices you would not act as you do. You would not send our young men and women to fight wars of aggression to protect the interests of large corporations. You would not give trillions of dollars from the American people to large banking consortiums who filled your campaign coffers. If you really cared about Americans you would not dedicate your presidency to the service of large banks, corporations, and rich Democratic backers, and instead work against those groups to help the average Americans being crushed beneath their bloat and waste. No Barack, you don’t care about the average American beyond whether she votes for you and the Democratic party every 2 years. You don’t give a fuck about the poor Americans shivering and hungry, and you certainly don’t care about the soldiers you send overseas to protect “American interests” that are directly at odds with the interests of real Americans. Instead you give flowery speeches, then turn around and heap shit on the poor while robbing them of the opportunities, aid, and wealth they deserve.

How can you pretend to care, spit out pretty words, and then ensure that the actual help goes to those with the deepest pockets and most influence?

If you practiced what you preach you wouldn’t act as you do, but because you do act this way – attacking American values and the livelihoods and savings of real Americans – it is quite obvious that you are just another mouth, just another pretty face to make the authoritarian state more palatable, easier to slip under the front door while America sleeps. Your job is to make the transition from free people to slaves more peaceful, less obvious, and at that job you excel. Still, you’re not getting people like me, because I’m gone – left, moved out, and I’m never coming back. I hope you still feel bad about what you’re doing to America Barack, but I imagine you’re so self-assured, so confident in your own incorruptibility and faith that you don’t even realize what a fucking tool you’ve become. Enjoy the leash, I’ll be out in the real world helping people.

With love,


PS – for those who would dismiss me as an angry ranting idiot, google some combination of Unocal, Afghanistan, Pipeline, or perhaps Obama, Secret Meetings, insurance companies, or even Bagram, torture, rendition.  Any one of those 3, plus dozens of other combinations, put the lie to Obama’s pretty words – he’s just another mouthpiece, like ever president for a damn long time.  The bullshit Thanksgiving mass email just put me over the edge today, but I’m sick of this two-faced shit getting passed off as truth.


One Response to “An Ill-Advised Letter to Barack”

  1. dancingczars Says:

    That absolutely worked for me, I’m going to make a copy and fax it to him directly with a pink slip, been doing that to lots of Senators that we plan to bring down in November. Excellent post, Thanks, Jim

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